Green Polly

This recently formed company was created by Dave Salmon who at the age of 49 decided to fulfil his passion of looking at problems and produce marketable solutions, primarily by looking at the home energy and heating sectors. The name Greenpolly was derived from his first invention to save energy wastage in kettles and that famous nursery rhyme; Polly put the kettle on. Unfortunately, this never got to market but as they say is still on the back burner. Undeterred he continued to look at problems within his area of expertise and in June of 2010 he invented the Boiler Buoy which has been extremely well received within the plumbing industry. Within a year he managed to overcome the obstacles associated with an innovative product and take the idea to market, with Boiler Buoy now available from UKs leading plumbing merchants. One key requirement identified from an early stage was the need for a quality manufacturer within the heating sector, this he found by collaborating with Pumphouse  Pumps Ltd. This relationship ensures that his aim to continue to take ideas from mind to market can be continued and grow a portfolio of successful innovative products within Greenpolly.

Dave Salmon

Dave still continues to run the plumbing and heating company he set up 22 years ago, though more and more time is spent looking at innovative ideas. When leaving school the thought of running his own company was a remote possibility, and creating a new invention even more distant.  Finding a job in 1980 was not that dissimilar from today, it was tough, so he ended up as a labourer on a building site which was a whole new learning curve, where a spade was most definitely called a spade. After a year the brawn gave way to the brain and a career as a laboratory technician was begun with the Milk Marketing Board. Knowing that this was not going to be a lifelong career, Dave took an opportunity to retrain and start his own business, which became a reality in 1989. The ethos of Plymstock Gas & Heating Systems Ltd over the last 22 years was to deliver the best service and ensure the customer is satisfied even when things go wrong, the key being good communication. His experience within the dynamic plumbing and heating industry will allow the identification of genuine problems and the fruition of creative solutions.